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SSA Dia. 13b 10T 3 plank dropside 8’0” width (Kit Ref 9102)

This kit is not available yet. Please contact me for more information.

There are photographs of the similar 7’ 7” wide wagon on this page: SSA Dia. 3b 8T 3 Plank Dropside 7’7” width

The kit does not include W-irons or wheels.

Item: 9102

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Not available

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The prototype

Introduced around 1872 to drawing 42W, this design of open goods wagon with full length drop sides was produced with several variants, namely the number of planks of 3 and 4 in height. Originally built with one brake lever, a second was added after legislation in 1911 required a brake lever to be accessible on both sides of the wagon. With a long and useful life, many would have survived to the Second World War with a few seeing the start of nationalisation. With an average working life in excess of over 30 years, many were rebuilt from the original body width of 7’7” and upgraded to 10 Ton capacity. (Kit 9101 N.B.R Diagram 2 S.S.A. Diagram 3B).

Unlike similar wagons with fixed sides, drop sides allowed for greater flexibility in the type of load handled and would have carried general merchandise varying from cotton, wool and esparto grass bales, finished goods, including crates and engineered products such as farm machinery. With covered vans being in the minority, tarpaulin wagon sheets were used to protect loads from damage by weather or engine sparks.

While associated with the industrial heartland of Central Scotland, these wagons would be widely travelled and seen throughout the country, especially Northern England. As similar drop side wagons had been built in considerable numbers by the pre-grouping railway companies, the LNER found it unnecessary to build any to its own standard design..

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Dia. 13b 10T 3 plank dropside 8’0” width: 9102
Dia. 13b 10T 3 plank dropside 8’0” width: 9102

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Dia. 13b 10T 3 plank dropside 8’0” width: 9102

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