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NBR Dia. 88: LNER Dia. 36B: brake van (6 wheel) (Kit Ref 9109)

The prototype

This kit is for the Reid 6-wheel brake van, first introduced in 1911 and which saw the body length increased to 18 feet. Fitted from new with oil axleboxes and standard buffers, these were originally rated at 17 tons, subsequently raised to 20 tons. Early examples only had a single horizontal handrail with a second horizontal handrail fitted from around 1917. (Holes are half etched on the reverse for the builder to drill through if wishing to model version with two horizontal handrails.) Two designs of solebar have been identified, the difference being in the position of the lower footboard supports. Both have been catered for in the kit. Later modifications included reserve stroke buffers (not supplied).

These brake van lasted into British Railways ownership, the last examples being seen in 1958.

I am only able to provide the earlier standard NBR buffer, if you wish to fit the later Spencer buffer, these can be obtained from Wizard Models (51L) reference NBRC014A.

The kit

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Brake van 9109 - variation A
Brake van 9109 - variation A
Brake van 9109 - variation B
Brake van 9109 - variation B

The photographs above show two variations whch can be built from the kit - differing solebar overlay/stepboard arrangements and the original single horizontal handrail or the later double handrail.

Item: 9109

Price: £30.00

Plus postage and packing



The kits are in 0.3mm brass and includes white-metal castings and brass wire.

W-irons, wheels, paint and transfers will require to be purchased seperately to completethe model. Suitable W-irons are available from MJT – for details follow this link: 2299T: ‘Three axle Compensating wagon W-irons (RCH / GWR type)’.

Please hover on the image below to see enlarge the drawing of the brake van.

Kit 9109: NBR Dia. 88: LNER Dia. 36B: brake van (6 wheel)

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