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NBR D LNER J83 loco chassis kit (Kit Ref 9200)

The prototype

The North British Railway class D tanks were designed by Holmes and built by contractors. Neilson, Reid & Co. built numbers 795-814 between 1900 and 1901 with numbers 815-834 being built by Sharp Stewart & Co. in 1901.

As originally built the locomotives were fitted with steam brake only, but numbers 825-834 were soon converted to Westinghouse brake. These locomotives were dual fitted in 1916 by the addition of vacuum ejectors. In later NBR days numbers 805 and 816 were also converted to dual brakes.

The entire class was rebuilt during 1924 and 1925, the alterations made included the fitting of helical springs to the trailing axle, and on locomotives with steam brakes only, the brake rigging was altered to centre pull. The brakes on dual fitted locomotives were not altered in this way, and they retained outside brake pull rods until conversion to steam and vacuum brake between 1944 and 1947.

Plain coupling rods were fitted to all locomotives when built, but from 1930 ten were fitted with fluted rods, numbers: 9801 / 9805 / 9807 / 9811 / 9812 / 9813 / 9817 / 9820 / 9831 / 9834.

Renumbered again by the LNER in 1946 becoming 8442 to 8481, from 1949 under British Railways the locomotives then became 68442 to 68481 and classified as 2F. The locomotives were mainly used for shunting and local trip duties. Haymarket depot provided J83 locomotives as station pilots for Edinburgh Waverley and these locos were given lined black livery. Locomotives finished in the lined black livery were 68463/72/74/77/80/81. The first to be withdrawn was 8462 in 1947 but there were no further withdrawals until 3/56. The final member of the class was 68477, which survived until 12/62.

Kit information

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NBR D LNER J83 loco chassis kit
NBR D LNER J83 loco chassis kit: 9200.
NBR D LNER J83 loco chassis kit: 9200

NBR D LNER J83 loco chassis kit

Item: 9200

Price: £29.00

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This kit was originally designed for the GEM white-metal kit but may be suitable with some alteration by the purchaser for other manufacturers’ kits and locomotives:

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