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About NBR 4mm Developments

NBR 4mm Developments sells a range of Locomotive Chassis Kits, Wagon Kits and Detailing Etches for the 4mm modeller specialising in rolling stock from the North British Railway Company but with practical applications for other Railway Companies. This range was formerly released by Eastfield Models but has been unavailable for several years.

Chassis Kits are in 22 thou Nickel Silver. They can be assembled rigid or compensated but will require the additional purchase of hornblocks for the latter.

Locomotive Parts etches are in 22 thou, 0.55mm Nickel Silver.

Wagon Kits are in whitemetal with 11 thou brass floor and detailing.

Brake Van Kits are in 0.3mm (11 thou) brass with whitemetal castings and brass wire.

Wagon Parts etches are in 11 thou brass. The recently introduced wagon number plates are in 12 thou brass.

Please note that some items are not yet held in stock as the range is still being assembled but that notes of interest will be taken in those which are still to be released and will influence the speed at which they become available.

You can now order and pay for your purchases with PayPal.

Should you wish any further information then please contact me.

Latest news

Only Brake Van kit 9105 are currently available while I have sufficient white-metal castings. I have sold the last etch in stock of 9105, 9107 and 9108 (02/05/19). All will be restocked later in the year. (17/03/19)

I have now built the test etches for the 32B & 36B Brake Van. When using the intended MJT2297 W-irons for the 32B I have discovered a ride height issue and expect a similar problem when I receive the MJT2299T 6-wheel W-irons. Both these and the CR BVs on the same photo-tool will require to be redrawn. (02/04/19)

My first (and probably only!) attempt at a white-metal wagon kit is being test built from castings recently received. This kit is for the :NBR Dia.81; LNER SSA Dia.4B, 3 plank centre door open, 8’0” width. (10/03/19)

I will update the website later with images of these new projects when I get the opportunity. (10/03/19)

Chassis kits 9203 (J36) & 9204 (J37) are available. (10/03/19) I have sold the last 9200 (J83) chassis kit. This will only in future be restocked on enquiry (06/07/19)

I have taken the decision not to progress the development of chassis kits 9206 & 9207 for the GEM Scott and Glen. These had been on the back burner for many years and I could not come up with a satisfactory design which takes into account the foibles of a 4-4-0 chassis supporting a heavy and unbalanced white-metal body. (10/03/19)

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